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Seeraga Samba Rice - Non-hybrid, from Koppampatti, Tamilnadu - 2lb Trial Pack

Bliss Tree's Seeraga Samba Rice is known for its rich aroma and flickering taste which makes it the unbeaten choice for Biryani. At Bliss Tree, our rice is not only...

Sona Masoori Rice - Single-polished, from Karnataka - 2lb Trial Pack

Bliss Tree's Sona Masoori is a lightweight, aromatic, premium variety of Rice. Our Sona Masoori rice is single polished which ensures that only one layer of the bran gets removed...

Idli Rice - 2lb Trial Pack

Bliss Tree's Idli Rice grains are not only 100% Natural but they also reduce the soaking time and yields a far better texture than boiled rice. Our nutritious Idli Rice...

Ponni Raw Rice - Semi-polished, from Manachanallur, Tamilnadu - 2lb Trial Pack

Bliss Tree's 100% Natural Ponni Raw Rice is an excellent source of protein and high in nutrients. With the use of our most advanced technology, our high-quality Rice grains are finely...